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Cutting Window Tint Film With Machines

Traditionally window tint was always cut by hand. The technician would place the tint on the glass and use a razor blade to shape the film. While a very skilled technician can do a decent job, it is very difficult to get an absolute perfect fit. Accessories installed in the vehicle, such as rear view mirrors and brake lights make it difficult to do an exact fit. Often with many companies, there are small gaps left trying to fit the tint film. It is also fairly common that trim and gaskets get cut a bit during the process.

The new technology for window tint cutting is precision machine cutting. This process uses a machine called a plotter. It connects to a computer and there is software that has an exact measurement for every vehicle. With this tool the tint is always cut to an exact fit. Not only this; but this machine also speeds up the time it takes to install the tint film. These machines are very expensive around $8K-$15K, so it is very common that installers still cut by hand to save on costs.

At Auto Tinting Austin, we use the latest in precision cutting technology to ensure a consistent and efficient installation, every time.

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