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Mitsubishi Window Tinting

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Where do you go when your Mitsubishi Mirage or Mitsubishi Outlander needs a new tint?

Auto Tinting Austin!

At Auto Tinting Austin, we have the experience and quality you’ve been looking for. Our combined window tint installation experience is over 40 years. We have the expertise to properly care for your Mitsubishi. We even use a window tint plotter that makes an exact fit every time. Unlike many of our competitors that will hand cut – damaging your trim and creating gaps. Our advanced technology is on top of the game.

Our selection of high quality window tint ensures a lasting performance, and our films are all warranted to guarantee that. All of our products block heat! And, in Texas, that is a necessity rather than an option. Our top of the line ceramic tint blocks an amazing 93% of infrared heats entering your car. You can’t beat that.

Aside from heat, it is also critical to protect your skin and upholstery from harmful ultra violet (UV) waves. Every series of high quality window tint we carry blocks 99.9% of those dangerous UV waves. Our main brand, Rayno, performs so well it is endorsed by the National Skin Cancer Foundation. While our films protect your health and skin, the UV blocking also helps prevent fading on your dashboard and upholstery. You and your Mitsubishi will thank us!

We are a 5 star rated business, and we would love to make you our next totally satisfied customer!

What are our customers saying?

5 Star Rating
Ar was very helpful and friendly. Went in to get tinting done on my model 3. Work was done quickly, professionally, and looks great. Will for sure return here for any future tinting needs. Highly recommended.
5 Star Rating
I’m completely amazed by the service provided from Auto Tinting Austin. They completed my tint in what seemed to be like 45 minutes, I was amazed.The staff is very friendly. I will definitely be going back for any future service needs. Very Happy!!
5 Star Rating
I got my car tint from Auto Tinting. It was really looking great and the warranty they offered me was really awesome. I definitely come back for my future services to here and also will refer this service shop to my friends and colleagues.

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Window Tinting Options


  • 99.99% UV Block
  • 50%+ Heat Resistance
  • Rayno Carbon

Ultra Premium

  • 99.99% UV Block
  • 65%+ Heat Resistance
  • Rayno Phantom S5


  • 99.99% UV Block
  • 93%+ Heat Resistance
  • Rayno Phantom S9

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